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About Us

About Us
Adhira - (verb) a sacred word meaning lightning, to light up, ignite, or set on fire.  
Adhira is a movement. A movement of strong, lightning-strikes kinda women.
Empowered. Beautiful. Free. Women who other women admire for their presence, for their power. The ever-traveler. The wander who is not lost.
Adhira clothing is inspired. It’s like the sweet scent of an unknown plan. The mystery and romance of the day-dream. A moon-lite night caught in a photo.
Bohemian. Wander.  World-traveler. Glam. Whimsical. Romantic. ON-fleek.
.About the Designer.
Adhira was created in India by Hawaiian-born and based designer Suki. She is a mix of souls from the East and West, bringing her style that extra exotic flair. She has lived around the world, through many a monsoon season, seen it, done it and brings these  life experiences into her work. Suki learned her craft from her mother, and her heritage in Thailand, where fashion and convenience go hand-in-hand. She then brought her warm-weathered style back to the shores of Hawaii where it has taken off and sailed far further to all parts of the US.
Suki knows the value of quality, custom made items and streamlined service.
In a world where everything has a backstory, is so much more than just what you see on the surface, and always inter-connected - we get it. Here at Adhira we make it a point to KNOW where our materials, workers, and refuse come from and end-up. We care, because, well it's time businesses take responsibility for
their actions.
She was free in her wildness.
She was a wanderess, a drop of free water.
She belonged to no man and to no city.
–From The Wanderess, a book by Roman Payne

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